Phil Baker Award

Named in honour of longtime Kingston Judge P.E.D. (Phil) Baker, the Phil Baker Award was created in 1994 and is awarded annually “to a person who, while displaying integrity, compassion, and good humour, has made a significant contribution to the administration of criminal justice in the Kingston community. ”

Past recipients of the award:

1994:  Phil Baker

1995:  Terry O’Hara

1996:  Cathy Hickling

1997:  Tom Lally

1998:  Fergus Brian Cookman

1999:  Ken Pedlar

2000:  Dave Crowe

2001:  Ben Hurley

2002:  Peter Kemp

2003:  James Fergus Donnelly

2004:  Rommel Masse

2005:  Ross Drummond

2006: Joanne Johnston

2007: Don Stuart

2008: Michael Mandelcorn

2009: n/a

2010: Fergus (Chip) O’Connor

2011:  Michael Shabinsky

2012:  Art Veryard

2013: John Skoropada

2014: Peter Coulson

2015: Michael Woogh

2016: Clyde Smith

2017: Constance Baran-Gerez

2018: His Worship, Justice of the Peace Jack Chiang

2019: Daniel Scully